Mentor Media’s expansion into the healthcare supply chain sector is emboldened by years of supply chain and logistics experience. We aim to continue to provide industry knowledge consultation with high-quality service solutions. Services include hospital inventory management through RFID, sterile packaging & cleanroom services, healthcare distribution center, loan kit & returns management, anti-counterfeit solutions, custom kitting, media software replication, turnkey, labeling, and other value-added services.



Mentor Media aims to improve patient safety by delivering high-quality sterile products with our healthcare supply chain services. The combination of industry knowledge and experienced professionals along with state-of-the-art facilities, Mentor Media can support clients with their various requirements.

At Mentor Media, we provide several healthcare solutions. From environment-controlled warehousing, sterile packaging, to cleanroom services. Supplemented with other value-added services, serving the diverse needs of global healthcare industry.

Mentor Media’s Quality Management System is certified by TÜV SÜD and fulfills ASTM and EN standards. Our documentations are done in compliance with GDP and international standards to ensure it applicability across our global supply chain facilities.