Mentor Media provides highly customizable kitting. Designed specifically to your product needs and catering to the request of your end consumer.

Kitting requirements vary from regional or country standards, language translation to customer order specific.  

Our customized kit solution provides personalization or standardization of all orders.



Mentor Media aims to simplify your shipping preparations.

By leveraging on our expertise to source, procure and manage shipments from multiple components suppliers.

Mentor Media can coordinate the multiple vendor deliveries, consolidate, and rework them into single custom kits for shipment to your end destination.

Providing a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) in accordance with your Supplier-Owned Inventory (SOI) or customized to unique requirements. Mentor Media single sourced solution provides custom labelling kits. (i.e bar-coded and integrated to your ERP systems.)

Mentor Media custom kitting solution also encompasses kit localization, whereby the printing of IFU for multi-country clients, with inspection services to ensure compliance with the various standards.