A product’s proof of authenticity provides added assurance and brand consonance in a consumer’s purchase and usage. Customers are hence inclined to make return purchases and positive word of mouth. 

Mentor Media’s Anti-Counterfeit solution provides the avenue to certify your product’s authenticity and engage your audience. 



Mentor Media’s VeriiReal solution, is a unique serialization platform developed to guard against counterfeiting and protect client’s intellectual properties.

The solution comprises of a tampered-proof label where unique augmented reality (AR) codes are embedded in its print. This enhanced labelling feature prevents duplication and provides first level of security authenticity.

The encrypted AR code allows the label to host the product’s intellectual property (IP) information where the users can further verify it product details and authenticity, activate warranty and other post-sale marketing.

The solution is highly customizable in terms of label designs and interface to serve different products and industries.