Belt Road Initiative (BRI) and International Land-Sea Trade Corridor (ILSTC)

An international automotive parts maker envisions a centralized logistics hub in China for their business operations. The centralized logistics hub would enable consolidation of products manufactured in China and across their European factories. Thus, providing a cost efficient and just-in-time (JIT) orders distribution globally.




A challenge was the selection criteria. As a suitable partner had to be capable of managing oversized goods storage; coordinate their global logistics and had experience in issuance of certificate of origins (COO) to their ASEAN customers.

Mentor Media differentiated itself among the competitors through it service experience in global exporting, warehousing, and its strategic location – a bonded facility in Yangshan, Shanghai.

It provided a customized hub consolidation with value-added solutions. Suited in handling both domestic manufactured products and European imports.

Despite the global container shortages due to the coronavirus pandemic. Mentor Media alternative logistics (rail freight) provided additional flexibility and reliability to its supply chain logistics between Europe and China. Thus, significant cost reduction for logistics transportation resulting savings for the customer.